21 Day Metabolic Reboot


- Weight gain?

- Mood swings?

- Low energy?

- Digestion issues?

- Brain fog?

- Blood sugar issues?

DoYou Suffer from







Hosted by Courtney Jonson, LAc., MS and Melissa McLane, Health Coach

Don't miss these options for keeping you engaged and on track all year long 

You Have FOUR Options

Option #1 (the full shebang)

3- ProLon Kits (Value of $675)

Unlimited Metabolic Reboots a year (Value of $1,365)

Unlimited email support (invaluable)

Total Value of $2,040

For only $977

(Savings $1,063)

ProLon is a clinically tested, easy-to-take 5-day meal program that enhances your health. If you have never tried ProLon or if you want your reboots to be easier you might want to consider buying this package.  The regular price for ProLon is $225, but you can get a discount when you buy three kits at a time (at $199). 

Here is what ProLon does:

  • Decreases body fat (especially after three rounds)

  • Decreases body weight

  • Preserves lean body mass

  • 60% of the weight loss is maintained 3 months after

Maintains Healthy Levels of:

  • Fasting blood glucose

  • BP, cholesterol, and triglycerides

  • C-reactive proteins

  • Stem cells

  • Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1)

If you want to maintain your weight or lose more weight, and continue to reboot your metabolism throughout the year Courtney and I highly recommend exploring this option 

Image 12-28-20 at 1.48 PM.jpg

Option #2 (reboots)

Unlimited Reboots a year (Value of $1,365)

Unlimited email support (invaluable)

For only $380

(Savings of $985)

Option #3 (ProLon Kit Bundle)

3-ProLon Kits (Value of $675)

email support (invaluable)

For only $597

(Savings of $78)

Option #4 (one - Reboot)

1-Reboot (Value $295)

email support (invaluable)

For only $95

(Savings of $200)

you will get:

  • Email support-Maintenance Options to Keep You on Track in between reboots

  • Access to all metabolic reboots  (7 per year - to keep you on track)

  • Guidebook to Support 21 Day Plan - A LOT of education and an experience that will change your life!

  • Food Education to support varying therapeutic fasting styles including Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD), One Meal a Day (OMAD), Feast Days, and more.

  • Meal Plans and Recipes

  • Zoom Kick-Off Meeting, followed by Four Weekly Group Sessions