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For just $249 

Do you feel you eat the right foods exercise, but you are not still not getting the results you want?


It is not your fault that nasty scale won't budge!  

obesity or not having enough energy is not driven by merely eating too much or not exercising enough. The condition of feeling hungry and experiencing low energy all the time was a direct response to metabolic problems.


2-week Fat Burner - Lose up to 8lbs

(in a healthy way)

The focus is on uncovering and addressing your specific area of weight loss resistance and healing your metabolism. This is one of the main keys to achieving permanent weight loss


The two-week program will provide an empowering opportunity to lose weight without feeling deprived and learn simple ways to keep the weight off and feel amazing. 

Once you uncover the reasons for your weight loss resistance, your body will let go of excess weight and access stored fat.

This program includes:

  • 1-ProLon Fasting Kit (value $225)

  • Email Support throughout

  • My exclusive Kick Start Plan program guide

  • Empowered education

  • Custom Program

  • Mindset management

  • Food journal review

  • Exercise recommendations

  • 1-30 Minute exit session to keep you on track


  • Lose weight

  • have more energy

  • Reduced pain

  • Improve your mood