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Unlimited Courses & Challenges

Educational platform Videos to do it yourself - Self-Paced


  • Our current health care system assumes health until there is enough damage to body tissue in combination to lab markers falling outside of lab range to warrant a diagnosis.

  • It takes years if not decades of declining health before the onset of a medical diagnosis but these functional issues can be shown now. This is our opportunity.

  • We offer education on how one's diet affects his/her own blood chemistry and how that translates to more energy, less weight, brain clarity, a better mood, and a general sense of well-being.

  • With chronic disease on the rise, and in the face of our modern-day health culture, it is critical to educate one another on how to become and stay metabolically healthy long term.

Challenges & Courses - for example:

  • Muscle Building protocol

  • Fat Burning Challenge

  • Water Fast Challenge

  • Cognitive Health

  • 3 Day Curb Your Hunger Challenge

  • 3 Day Protein Concentration Challenge

  • 3 Day Zero Carb Challenge 

  • Workout Challenge

  • Exercise Classes (on demand)

  • 3 Day Fast Mimicking Challenge

Membership Includes;

  • Educational platform Videos to do it yourself

  • Easy to use tracking tools

  • Recipe & reference guide

  • Prepping and ideal shopping lists

  • Educational videos

  • 30-day planning workbook

  • Private Facebook group


NOTE - this is a DIY course.  If you need extra support then consider purchasing additional private 1:1 sessions.  Facebook Private group is included

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