3-month Weight Loss Program

Struggle with weight loss, feeling tired and overwhelmed?

This program will help cut out the confusion once and for all and get the results that last a lifetime.



If you struggle with losing weight, feeling tired, having no energy and simply overwhelmed?

Not only will you lose weight and have more energy like in private c1-on-1 coaching, but you will have collective group support. 

Our small groups provide a very safe environment.


Schedule a talk

If you want Melissa to come to talk at your home, with friends and family,  or at your company please let us know.

Our mission is to help people take back their own health through education and advocacy.

With all programs, you will have access to Melissa anytime for questions, support, guidance through email and text.


Whether you are a beginner or an athlete we will create a customized program based on where you are on your health journey:

  • Hormonal Building Protocol

  • Nutrient and Pharmaceutical supplements

  • Muscule Building Protocols

  • Comprehensive Blood Test

  • Keto Protocol 

  • Education and Practical Tools that you will incorporate into your life

  • Safe and confidential 

  • Fasting Variations

  • Recipes / Resources / Shopping guides


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