Melissa McLane

Melissa studied at the Health coach institute and got her masters in advance nutrition and is a certified transformational “habit breaker”. She is constantly learning and continues to study in the field of science and psychology and the mind-body connection.


Melissa’s practice takes a non-judgmental approach while understanding the effects that food has on our minds and bodies. She has helped and supported numerous clients by encouraging them to listen to their bodies and their heart, releasing the shame and finally losing weight.


Melissa understands what we think and eat has a direct connection to our overall wellbeing.  What she has discovered is that by connecting food, body, and our thoughts can we find overall balance in our moods, energy, and mental stability.   She believes one needs to address the connection between food and feelings, science and spirituality, conscious and subconscious thought.  When we connect and are in the rhythm with mother earth and consume, what the earth provides at each season,  then we come into harmony with ourselves.


She is one that believes that anything is possible and holds hope for those that find it hard to believe. 


Melissa’s hobbies and what she loves;  learning guitar, exercising and staying physical, being in nature, walking barefoot, loves adventure, loves to travel, she is spontaneous and can be super goofy…and is a truth seeker. Loves being with her kids, family, and friends.  Loves music and dancing, baking, and cooking.  Discovering new things and being curious.


Melissa has partnered up with Courtney Jonson LAc, who is a certified functional medicine nutrition practitioner and primary care provider that helps lead clients to get to the root cause of imbalances and chronic health issues.  Together they make a good team.


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