Melissa studied and received her advanced nutrition certification, from one of the top health certification programs; Health Coach Institute. Melissa is currently studying at Antioch University Santa Barbara to get her bachelor’s in psychology. She is a certified health coach and has practiced coaching for well over 8 years. Her passion has led her to advanced learning in nutrition and studying how the mind and body are so interconnected.

Melissa believes that when we nurture our body, mind, and spirit we lay a solid foundation for sustainable health. Melissa’s practice takes a non-judgmental approach and she is a good listener. She has helped and guided numerous clients to create an experience that is sustainable and provides tools to unstick your weight plateaus, reset your metabolism, and thrive to lean into them at any time needed.

Melissa understands what we think and eat has a direct connection to our overall wellbeing while understanding the effects that food has on our minds and bodies. She believes one needs to address the connection between food and feelings, science and spirituality, conscious and subconscious thought. When we connect and are in the rhythm with mother earth and consume what the earth provides at each season, then we come into harmony with ourselves. She is one that believes that anything is possible.


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