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Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs are to provide information on frequent questions or concerns about my programs. Transform your life with our science-based tools and conquer hormonal weight gain and visceral fat. Boost energy and vitality, and feel young again. Book a free call now to start your journey toward a healthier you! Contact me at for any further inquiries.

Q: Should I start your program now or after my birthday celebration?

A. I am all about enjoying life and knowing how best to get back on track when you wobble out of the program– I will help you navigate the celebration. A few reboots ago I helped a client navigate through her 60th birthday weekend. She lost 11 lbs and could still eat cake and have a drink. She also knew how to get back on track and continue the program. In my program, I teach you how to become metabolically fit, which means how to be an efficient fat burner and glucose (sugar) burner.

Q.How much do people lose on one of Life Wellness Lab’s programs?

A. In my 21-day program, on average women lose 10-12lbs, and men tend to lose a lot more. We look at regulating blood sugar and the downregulation of chronic inflammation, which is the cause of many chronic health issues. If you have more weight to lose or have a specific health concern and would like more support I recommend doing my 3-month program. CLICK HERE for more information.

Q.I have lost 15lbs on this program. I do not want to lose more weight. What do I do?

A. I would recommend a different protocol. Depending on what is going on inside of you or what your goals are, I might recommend playing around with upping your protein and healthy fats. I will customize the program.

Q.How do you customize a protocol in a group environment?

A. When it comes to customizing a lifestyle program, I look at both the science and how you feel. I use a personalized tool that allows us to communicate separately from the group, giving me viability to what is going on with you, so that I am able to guide you in the appropriate direction.

Q.I hate feeling deprived; will I feel deprived?

A. First off, I think it is important to have a better mindset about “what you can’t eat” by instead saying “I have a lot of amazing food choices” and “I am in control of what I eat.” Eating should feel pleasurable! My motto is: it’s when you eat and what you eat that makes a difference. I am all about enjoying food, feeling full and

not feeling deprived at all

Q. I heard in your programs you teach us to how to fast. Will I starve if I fast?

A. We have well over 50 meals stored in our bodies. You will not starve, but you may feel like it at times. This just means you are a sugar burner, which means you primarily burn carbs (sugar for energy). Hunger is like a  of time without food and feel more energized. You will learn how to mitigate your cravings and hunger and transform your metabolism by utilizing both stored fat for fuel and stored glycogen for fuel. Lots of people primarily burn carbs/sugar for fuel. This is why you feel hungry again after eating a high-carb meal or you need a nap after a big pasta dinner. It’s a quick source of energy, which is why athletes need to carb load for endurance.

Q.Can I learn to speed up my metabolism?

A. Your metabolism is pretty amazing– it's how our body turns food into energy. Our energy comes from macronutrients called carbs, fat, and protein. Back in the hunter-gatherer times, we didn’t always know when we would get our next meal. If we ran out of stored glycogen (sugar), our body switched to burning stored fat for energy. Switching and toggling between the two types of fuel sources is called metabolic flexibility and it

is so much better for our health long term. This will help us stay at our optimal weight naturally and prevent chronic health issues. In my programs, you will learn how to switch from being a sugar burner to a fat burner, which will “speed” up your metabolism.

Q.Do you provide meal plans?

A. I give you a very clear roadmap on what to eat and what not to eat. I do not provide a meal plan per-se only because you will might prefer different foods than another client. I have written a guidebook that is really easy to follow. I will give you a roadmap as to when to eat, and what foods to focus on eating. I want you to eat (in your eating window) until you feel full and satisfied.

Q. What happens if I hit a weight loss plateau during the program?

A. We will need to look at a few different things: stress, sleep, glucose, ketones, fasting hours, and your food log. All of these things will help me to guide you to breaking your plateau. This is why I use a tracker tool to look at your personal data so we can break your weight plateau.

Q. What are the benefits of fasting?

A. Studies have shown that fasting can change your entire life. To put it simply, fasting helps with EVERYTHING - weight regulation, sleep, digestion, pain, aging, energy, hormones, skin, type 2 diabetes, mental clarity, preventing Alzheimer's, possible cancer prevention, enhancing gut health...and so much more! It is a tool the world needs right now. Fasting combined with a varied healthy low glycemic eating plan is effective and powerful to reset your appetite, conquer food urges and have a better relationship with food in general. Fasting has so many benefits. In over 20 years of research, fasting is the quickest, most effective therapy I’ve found for promoting total wellness. For thousands of years, humans have used fasting to cleanse the body, focus the mind, and connect with the spirit.

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