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About Life Wellness Lab

At Life Wellness Lab, we embrace functional medicine nutrition, addressing root causes for optimal well-being. Through advanced testing, personalized plans, and the latest scientific findings, we provide comprehensive solutions. Our programs empower clients to feel better, improving their quality of life and overall health. With custom 1:1 programs, we cater to your goals and frustrations, even when traditional solutions fall short. Our approach empowers you with alternative strategies for lasting transformations. Trust us to guide your weight loss, well-being, and self-assurance journey with unwavering support. Achieve your long-term health goals with Life Wellness Lab.


About Melissa McLane

As the founder and CEO of Life Wellness Lab, Melissa McLane leads a team of health and wellness experts who are committed to helping individuals achieve their optimal health. Melissa's approach centers on empowering her clients to take charge of their health and improve their lives, which has a ripple effect on their emotional and mental well-being. Her coaching style is straightforward and clear, offering her clients knowledge and education on adopting healthier habits and understanding the benefits of doing so. Through her leadership, Melissa brings a wealth of experience as a seasoned entrepreneur and certified health and nutritionist coach. Her passion for helping others is evident in her commitment to providing the tools her clients need to thrive.

Melissa's own health journey began when she was diagnosed with cancer and found a lack of resources to support her. She embarked on a journey of learning about health and nutrition, which led her to establish Life Wellness Lab in 2015. With her research and personal experience, she is determined to share her knowledge with her clients and guide them toward a healthier way of living. Melissa's expertise in metabolic health, hormone and blood sugar dysregulation, weight issues, energy, and mood helps her prevent and control a range of health problems in her clients.

Melissa's educational background includes Functional Nutrition Practitioner (BCFNP), Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor (CFNC) certification in Health and Wellness Coaching from HCI, L-Nutra Training in Fasting Mimicking Diet, course work in Dietetics from SFSU, and a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training from Elka Yoga. She has also completed Hot Pilates Training from Hot Source Yoga and is currently pursuing a BA in Psychology from Antioch University. Melissa has published a 14-day Detox Cleanse on Amazon and is known for her engaging approach to wellness that is relatable, educational, and effective. Her clients experience long-lasting results, gaining confidence, combatting depression and brain fog, and losing weight with her thoughtful and powerful approach.

About Candice Youngman

I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa at the end of 2021, shortly after which I enrolled in her 21-Day Metabolic Reboot program. The experience was transformative! Melissa helped me get the results I was desiring, after many frustrating attempts following other programs.

I have been by her side ever since and am delighted to be a wellness support coach for her programs!

I grew up with health-conscious parents, whipping up fruit smoothies at festivals with my school-teacher father during the summer months since the age of ten. That early influence sparked a lifetime of curiosity and passion for all things wellness – including biohacking, neurohacking DIY-ing, and experimenting with/advocating for culinary medicine. I’ve been a licensed and certified massage therapist since 1987 and a Reiki master since 2009, and I have degrees in biotechnology and human biodynamics. 

I’ve had a flavorful career journey, including working in biotechnology at Rinat Neuroscience and Genentech, serving as general manager for Cafe Gratitude in several of its Northern California locations, and running two of my own Bay Area businesses: one as a massage therapist and personal trainer, and the other as “theJuicetress” for Raw Rhythm, LLC, a smoothie business I incorporated in 2010. My whole life has centered around being in service to and empowering others to take better care of themselves, it’s my honor and privilege to uplift people in this way!

I look forward to inspiring you to become the best version of yourself through Life Wellness Lab!

Candice Youngman - Wellness Support Coach

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Melissa McLane
Board Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner, BCFNP

We specifically support people who:

  • Are confused about what to eat 

  • Have major food cravings

  • Are hungry frequently 

  • Have mood concerns

  • Are overweight

  • Feel unwell and in pain 

  • Feel low energy, sleep and tired

  • And ultimately feel hopeless, overwhelmed, and not sure what to do next!

Our clients want to feel better! And with Life Wellness Labs programs, they can and they do. We give you the tools to improve your quality of life, overall health, and well-being. Moreover, we offer custom 1:1 programs that are catered to your life, goals, and address solutions to your frustrations. These personalized programs are designed to meet your unique needs, even when you have tried everything and your doctor tells you they don't have a solution. We believe in empowering you with alternative approaches and strategies to overcome challenges and achieve optimal well-being.

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