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How, when and why to detox

We’ll be diving into the world of detoxing.

So when is the right time to detox?

Well, have you noticed how you’re more likely to get sick when the season is changing?

Between winter and spring, spring and summer, summer and fall, and fall and winter, your body naturally cleans house and prepares for the season to come.

These are also the perfect times to detox your body.

At other moments and when in tune with your body and its rhythms, you may suddenly get the desire to detox. It’s great to take some time out to re-boot your systems then, too. These times might include when you’re under the weather physically, but it’s ideal to begin detoxing before you get sick.

That way, you could actually prevent ill-health and feeling sick, and you’ll have more flexibility in terms of the detox activities you can perform because you won’t need to stay in bed!

Other times that are perfect for a detox? After too much indulgence! Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are great examples of dates that may involve a little too much rich food and late nights.

However, we don’t recommend overindulging during these times more than you would if you weren’t going to detox afterward. This will burden your body and make the detoxing journey tougher.

If now doesn’t feel like the right time to detox, don’t worry.

Please just read along and use as much of the information as you like.

Our Detox Program

Even just a couple of days’ detox, four times per year can do wonderful things for your body, mind, and spirit.

No matter what timeframe you choose, there are some overall guidelines you can follow to make the most of your detox:

Plan to take some time out of your usual activities if you can:

The weekend is the perfect time to begin a detox regime. Set the amount of time you’ll detox for before you begin.

Limit your intake of toxins from alcohol, chemicals, processed sugar, processed foods, and salt during your detox.

Drink lots of fluids, such as water and herbal tea

Rest, read, meditate, take warm baths, and limit screen time. Try to get into nature or be in nature.

Plan to exercise very gently for up to 1 hour per day

Follow a detox meal plan, and buy a detox kit if you feel that’s right for you. Here is one we recommend (DETOX 360) Prepare everything you’ll need for your detox before you begin.

To schedule a session (CLICK HERE) or for more information please contact:

With gratitude for being on this path with you.

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