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Experiencing menopause can make you feel like you're not yourself anymore, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and disconnected from your body. The combination of diminished sex drive, weight gain, and exhaustion can compound these feelings, leading to a sense of worthlessness and despair. However, with the compassionate support and guidance from our team, you don't have to navigate this challenging time alone. 

We focus on giving you personalized attention by carefully reviewing your lab tests and creating customized treatment plans that can be adjusted as needed. We also provide you with essential lifestyle tools to help you maintain your well-being for life. Embracing Root Cause care represents the future of healthcare.

We talk with so many women each week and it truly breaks my heart knowing our current health care system cannot help.


We want to help as many women as possible.


As a result, we've developed various affordable programs that maintain the highest standards of care. With flexible payment plans and diverse program options, we ensure that quality is never compromised. Regardless of the program you choose, rest assured that personalized 1:1 support and enriching group coaching sessions are included.


Having a clear custom step-by-step program along with the support is the most powerful and transformative so you can succeed with your goals.

3 Month Program
layering a strategic step-by-step approach with ongoing support, individuals achieve sustainable results that last over time.

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Heal Your Gut & Digestion

Once you optimize and heal your gut, you can expect several positive outcomes:


Improved Digestion: Healing your gut can lead to smoother digestion, reduced bloating, and fewer digestive discomforts.


Enhanced Nutrient Absorption: A healthier gut allows for better absorption of essential nutrients, ensuring your body gets the most out of the food you eat.


Boosted Immune Function: A balanced gut microbiome supports a stronger immune system, helping you ward off infections and illnesses more effectively.


Increased Energy Levels: With better digestion and nutrient absorption, you may experience increased energy levels and reduced fatigue.


Better Mood and Mental Clarity: The gut-brain connection means that a healthier gut can lead to improved mood, reduced anxiety, and enhanced mental clarity.

Overall Well-being: Healing your gut can have far-reaching effects on your overall health and well-being, contributing to a higher quality of life and improved vitality.


By optimizing and healing your gut, you can enjoy these benefits and support your journey to better health and wellness.


Regulate Hormones
Detox & Lose Weight

Understanding the role of hormones in overall health and well-being

Implementing strategies to regulate hormones

Exploring the connection between detoxification, weight loss, and hormone balance

Learning practical techniques for detoxifying the body and shedding excess weight

Discovering lifestyle changes to support long-term hormone regulation and sustainable weight loss

Understanding how BHRT can synergize with lifestyle interventions for enhanced hormone regulation and overall well-being

When you feel great, you'll experience a renewed libido, balanced hormones, and successful weight loss through detoxification.


Blood Sugar Regulation & Reduce Inflammation

Understanding the importance of balanced blood sugar levels for overall health

Exploring the connection between blood sugar regulation and inflammation in the body

Learning practical strategies for stabilizing blood sugar levels through diet and lifestyle modifications

Identifying inflammatory foods and lifestyle factors that contribute to chronic inflammation

Implementing anti-inflammatory dietary patterns and habits to reduce inflammation and promote well-being

Regulate blood sugar levels effectively

Identifying inflammatory triggers in diet and lifestyle

Implementing personalized dietary and lifestyle changes to reduce inflammation

Understanding the role of stress management in inflammation control

Exploring the benefits of specific foods, supplements, and herbs in reducing inflammation and supporting overall health

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