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Exercise daily: just a little bit

Maintaining your physical, energetic and mental health couldn’t be easier, yet most people think they need to do a lot to see or feel any benefits.

No: what’s actually most important is consistency and commitment to yourself, even when you want to quit. This is the ultimate self-care. Doing a little every day, and when you have a bump in the road, you reset and do again.

So how long do you have each day to dedicate to physical movement? 10 minutes? 20 minutes?

Either way, we’ve got you covered with these two videos:

Healthy Body Yoga (perfect for beginners, 20 minutes)

Yoga for Beginners (9 minutes)

This is by no means the only exercise you can do. To keep you healthier, we also recommend:

  • Taking the stairs (a few flights of stairs) once per week

  • Walking in nature for 30 minutes per day when possible

  • Gently swimming for 20 minutes once per week, or doing another gentle work-out class you enjoy, such as a dance class or

  • Pilates - whatever feels good

You can also do more!

At the very, very least, try to do some exercise during the week, and some exercise during your weekend.

You’ll feel better for it!

Disclaimer: If you have any injuries or you haven’t exercised for some time, please consult your physician before attempting any new exercise regime.

We’ll be back next week with some recipes!

Let Melissa know how you’re enjoying the videos during your next coaching call.

With gratitude for being on this path with you

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