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Fasting Improves Brain Function

No doubt fasting has received much attention to popular culture. Here are some benefits highlighted when you incorporate fasting into your life.

Fasting improves brain function. In lab animal, fasting stimulates the production of a protein in nerve cells called brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF) – HOW DOES FASTING AFFECT THE BRAIN (ARTICLE)

Researchers found that implementing fasting in your life can improve insulin resistance. When we eat there is a fat storing hormone that spikes called insulin. Insulin is a fat storing hormone. Depending on what we eat will depend on how much our insulin spikes. When our insulin spikes all day long that is when we store more fat. It is our bodies natural way to protect ourselves for our survival.

Fasting increases growth hormone by stimulating our bodies way to regenerate itself.

Fasting can make you feel fuller. When we are not eating as often, we are not eating less, but less often. When we take a pause from eating our body start using our fat stores for energy.

Fasting help you burn fat and lose weight as it taps into your fat stores. When we eat throughout the day, there is no need to burn stored fat for energy. Insulin shuts our fat burning process.

Fasting dramatically increases energy because we are not needing energy to digest our food.

Fasting is nice, because we do not need to think about food and it saves us money and it is a preventive measure to become healthier.

With gratitude for being on this path with you

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Sep 05, 2021

Veryy thoughtful blog

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