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Foods rich in the Fab 5 - suggested supplements (plus delicious recipes)

Today we’d like to share some recipes with you that contain the most important nutrients/natural substances for health maintenance.

They are:

  • Vitamin D

  • Glutathione

  • Hemp oil

  • Short-Chain Fatty Acids

To get the Fab 5 naturally, try adding the following to your diet:

  1. For vitamin D: 3 ounces of salmon or mackerel (provides 100% of the recommended daily value of vitamin D).

  2. For glutathione: Cruciferous vegetables, spinach and the red, pulpy area of a watermelon. For hemp oil: try adding the hemp oil you buy directly to your dressings.

  3. For short-chain fatty acids: Add plant-based, fiber-rich foods in abundance, such as fruit, vegetables, soaked and sprouted legumes, nuts, and seeds.

So how can you get these Fab 5 foods into your body easily?


Simply add the dressing and/or the pesto to your salmon and broccoli to enjoy the Fab 5 in one meal!

See you next week for a great mindset and habit change resource, and a little more on how to ensure you get the Fab 5 into your life for optimum health maintenance. Let us know if you want help sourcing our your supplements.

Have a great week!

With gratitude for being on this path with you

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