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High Quality Chocolate

Dark chocolate wins over milk chocolate due to the higher proportion of flavanols that provide a host of health benefits.

The higher the cacao percentage listed in the chocolate, the more flavanols it contains. So be sure to read the percentage listed on the label. So, check your label! The amount of flavanols can also be impacted by the way the chocolate is processed from the raw cacao bean. If the label reads "processed with alkali" there will be less flavanols.

Healthy dark chocolate brands:

Pascha (non-GMO, fair trade, organic, no soy lecithin) / Sweetriot (organic, fair trade) / Alter Eco (organic, fair trade) / Ghirardelli Intense Dark / Godiva (not processed with alkali) / Lindt (some are processed with alkali, some aren't) / Green & Blacks (organic, non-GMO, some contain soy lecithin) / Valrhona / Moser Roth / Endangered Species / Chocolove (fair trade) / Tza (organic) / Vivani (organic) / Giddy Yoyo (raw, organic) / Theo (organic, fair trade, non-GMO) / Scharffen Berger (contains soy lecithin) / Equal Exchange (organic, fair trade) / Good Cacao (includes a line of supplement-enhanced chocolates for an extra boost) / Dandelion Chocolate / Righteously Raw (raw processing) / Sacred Chocolate (raw, organic)

Here is to your lovely health.

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