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Sleep Quiz and Tips

If you answer YES to more questions than not, you might be increasing your cortisol levels which throws off our circadian rhythm .

  • Do you sleep less than 9 hours per night?

  • Do you have problems falling asleep or staying asleep?

  • Have you gained fat in your middle section, despite monitoring your food intake?

  • Do you experience memory problems?

  • Do you have problems with depression?

  • Do you have a sex drive?

  • Do you wake up more exhausted than when you went to bed?

9- Tips for Better Sleep:

  1. About an hour after sunset dim the lights in your house.

  2. Shut down at least 1-hour before bed: any use of computers, smartphones, or TV’s. Reduce

  3. the blue light these items emit in the evening.

  4. Make sure your bedroom is cool and DARK!

  5. If you have trouble unwinding in the evenings, contrast showers may be a great option. Get

  6. the shower at a temperature that is HOT. Like barely able to stand it hot. Run that for about

  7. 10 seconds, then flip the water to “cool” and run this for 20 and cool 5-10 times, finish on cool, towel off, and then hop in your dark, cool, cozy bed.

  8. Sex.

  9. Get to bed earlier the better.

Make sleep a priority!

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