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What is your weight loss goal?

Answer each question honestly. Take the opportunity to look at what can get in your way or what steps you can take (small steps) to reach your goal and keep you motivated.

The choice is clear........

  • What would losing that amount of weight do for your life?

  • What could you do now?

  • Do you need more information?

  • Do you need extra support? In what way?

  • What would that mean for you if you can lose the weight you want?

  • What else could you do or have that you don’t now?

  • What would that mean for you?

  • What would happen if you didn’t lose that weight? What would it mean in your life over the next few years? What would be the worst case scenario?

  • How is it important that you take steps towards this goal right now?

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you that you can follow your plan?

  • What gives you confidence?

  • What is the first step you would need to take to put that into action?

  • What are you concerned about holding you back?

  • What could you do to mitigate that?


  • Have a plan and then make a back up plan and commit to i. Writing something down will help you with your commitments.

  • Set Realistic goals. When there is a big difference between where you are and where you want to be, you might be overwhelmed. Take small steps and feel your successes on those little steps....each day, and if you fall off, get back up and reset and do it again. If you slip do not feel you have to "double up" or "be more strict". Get back to your normal routine and just keep it going....

  • Treat yourself regularly: If you deprive yourself off birthday cake or having pasta it can only last so long. Treat yourself on occasion...but ask yourself is this the time you want your treat.

  • Be nice to yourself. You are human and we are creating life style changes. You want lasting results. Creating what works for you and playing around to find your own template is key.

  • Get support: hire a coach or engage a friend that wants to the best for you.

  • Commitment is key and knowing your WHY.

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