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Your detox videos

While we recommend cutting down screen time during your detox no matter what length of time you choose for it, but listening to a meditation and hypnosis video for mind, body and spirit cleansing, as well as following a short yoga sequence every day is completely fine.

Your Meditation Video

The breathing technique taught in this video can help you whenever you’re feeling stressed or anxious, which can happen when you’re detoxing. Focusing on counting is such a simple meditation technique, yet it’s easy to get distracted away from doing it when meditating alone. If weather permits, do this meditation in your garden or a nearby park, or simply sit somewhere comfortable where you won’t be distracted for twelve minutes.

The Cleansing Video for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Rest is so important when you’re detoxing. Your body is busy working hard to safely move toxins out of your tissues so you can let go of them for good. This process of regeneration and healing can leave you with less physical energy than normal, so if you do feel tired, take a nap! Go to bed early after a warm bath. And try listening to this hypnosis audio before bed/while dropping off. Be sure to use headphones and keep your devices away from the body while you rest.

A Gentle, Nourishing Yoga Routine

Should you exercise while detoxing? The simple answer is yes, a little, if you feel like it. Prioritize rest during your detox, as we recommend, but don’t forget that exercise doesn’t need to be strenuous. This yoga routine is a perfect example of that. It’s a yin yoga class designed to help your body detox. As you’ll see as you follow along, it’s very restful and encourages you to take your focus within. We hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: If you have any injuries or you haven’t exercised for some time, please consult your physician before attempting any new exercise regime.

We’ll be back next week with detox recipes.

Don’t forget to keep your food journal going. If you’d forgotten about it, don’t worry, just begin again =)

With gratitude for being on this path with you.

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