If you are looking for a proven, effective, and surprisingly simple way to lose weight and take back your health, I can help.


Weight Loss and Dietary Consultant

Do you want to know how to lose weight for good? 


It is not what you think.


“I definitely feel successful with losing weight and learning about how macros work and how fasting is key to detox which was my goal. I basically lost 13 pounds.”

I take my clients from being overweight to feeling great in their bodies. I help people have the body, health, and vitality that supports their vision for the life they want to live.


Abdominal Fat


Weight Loss

Habit Change

Energy Levels

Preservation of
Lean Body Mass

Metabolic Health:

Maintain metabolic Flexibility.

Trigger autophagy and stem cell rejuvenation

Enhanced Cognitive Performance

Curious to find out how easy losing weight can be?




With Your Own

Weight Loss Coach

The Guidance You Need




I had the pleasure of working with Melissa for over 3 months and have found the experience to be life-changing.  I needed Melissa’s services because I had been unable to obtain my weight and fitness goals on my own.  Most of my life I have been a thin fit person.  I was a competitive athlete as a child and teen.  I was also blessed with a fast metabolism. 


HOWEVER; that all changed in my mid-forties.  Suddenly, I started gaining weight.  Things got even worse as I began menopause.  Until meeting Melissa, I had struggled with weight gain for 6 or 7 years.  I had been dieting, eating and cooking “healthy”, and following whatever the latest diet fad of the hour was for years with no success.  I have lived through, and relentlessly followed many different diet fades: low fat, Paleo, Gluten-Free, calorie counting, macro counting, portion control,  low carb, slow carb, and no carb to name a few.  I would come close to achieving my weight and fitness goal only to backslide because the diet regiment was not as realistic as a lifestyle. 


Then I met Melissa.  The first thing she did was take me off of all diets.  She explained what I already knew; Diets don’t work!  I felt immediately liberated.  We began our sessions by listening to me and understanding my goals, my lifestyle, and the limits I had in terms of time commitment.  She demystified for me all the conflicting dietary advice I had been given over the years.  I had become so confused as to what I was “supposed” to eat, that I was paralyzed, and had given up. 


For me, Melissa made eating healthfully simple and less time-consuming.  I am finally on my way to my goal weight and fitness thanks to Melissa.  She is not only extremely knowledgeable, but she is patient, loving, caring, and is infinitely supportive.  I cannot recommend Melissa enough.  I feel like I finally understand how to lose weight naturally and healthfully while not being hungry all the time and not being a slave to time-consuming food prep.  Thanks so much, Melissa you’re the best.

Retreats + Classes

Our retreats are designed to create a memorable experience with changes on a physical, mental and health level, including weight loss, increased mental clarity and energy, and detoxifying in an active, healthy and sustainable way.  In our wellness programs, you will see results, that many have made long-lasting, impactful changes.  You will break old habits that no longer serve you.

Seasonal Delicious

Keto and Plant-Based Cooking Classes


Discover how easy you can cook healthy delicious meals. You will learn tips, meal planning, easy to follow recipes, and adapt to your life style. Learn what pantry staples, go-to ingredients, and must-have kitchen tools to ensure effortless prep. This program will encourage healthy habits upon departure

Whole Body  Detox Retreat


Detox your body and your mind:  Lose weight, connect to yourself, and be in nature.  Our clients will detoxify their bodies and mind in a healthy, sustainable way, all while getting back to basics in nature while seeing pounds and inches gone for good. 

Women's  Retreat


How do you remain connected to yourself while speaking your truth and flow like water? Everything you need is within you. Reshape your thoughts so you can access more possibilities and ignite your personal empowerment.


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