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Your Personalized Path to Optimal Health

Our health strategy revolves around crucial pillars, and we delve deeply to guarantee significant and impactful results. 
We want to understand your concerns and how they affect your life. If we believe we can help, we'll share how we work differently. If it feels right, we'll discuss the next steps to continue our conversation and start working together.

What Success Looks Like When You Work With US

  • 43% of our clients experienced three or more major symptoms such as menopausal symptoms, weight gain, digestive issues, reduced sex drive, brain fog, lack of energy, auto-immune conditions, disrupted sleep, and moodiness.
  • Clients saw an average weight loss of 14.37 lbs, with a maximum weight loss of 47 lbs within the first 60 days. Those with diabetes or prediabetes lost an average of 20 lbs.

  • 20.96% were able to reduce or completely stop one or more medications within the first 60 days, commonly including medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, insulin, and acid reflux.

  • 82% reported better sleep.

  • 75% experienced increased energy.

  • 67% saw improvements in stomach and digestion.

  • 84% improved their condition related to obesity.

  • 82% felt calmer and less moody.

  • 85% achieved balanced hormones.

  • and much much more!

These outcomes represent just a glimpse of the transformative experiences our clients have reported. We are dedicated to helping you achieve similar success and are eager to start this journey with you.

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Classmates in the Library

MENTORING + Comprehensive Lab Testing


What Melissa and her team were able to do was nothing short of life-changing. I really thought there was no hope for me ever losing weight after my thyroid issues and a lifetime of eating disorders but within the first week, I was losing weight and had tools to apply to my life in real time. I had a plan and the knowledge to live a health-filled life with a lean body! ~Jeanne

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