Autumn Road


The mission of Life Wellness Lab is for you to become the PHYSICIAN WITHIN


My role is to turn health care complexity into customized simplicity. I clarify information that keeps us confused and stuck in our lives and in our health.  


A major problem with our current health care system is it is reactive, most doctors only have 2 hours of nutrition education, prescribe more prescription drugs for symptoms (not getting to the root cause of our conditions), and there is simply too much information to understand.  I guarantee you will find conflicting facts and opinions with everything you look up, which can have us stuck in what to do next.


Plus, our food supply is simply too scary when it comes to bad farming practices which include over-tilling, using pesticides, herbicides, spraying glyphosate on most of our crops all of which deplete nutrients from our soil and cause more climate change problems and keep us unhealthy (even when we try to eat well.) 


I take an approach that is designed for YOU. I learn about you, your life, and your goals and teach you the tools that will change your life forever. 


The results you want are within your grasp and I am here to help you with empowering tools, support, and science - all aligned with your life and your body chemistry.