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Yoga Practice + Calmness + Our Chakras

To practice, find a comfortable seat—whatever that looks like for your body in this moment. Take a few moments to deepen the breath, lengthen your spine, and check in with your body, noticing physical sensations and the energy in the mind + heart.

Focus your attention in the space between the brow chakra, better known as the third eye, and the crown chakra, at the top of the head. Visualize pure white light and connect with the element of vast space, the space in which everything and everyone in the universe pulsates and exists. Imagine any anger you may be harboring dissolving into this space as you chant a long Aaaaah.

Moving the attention downward to the throat, connect with the element of sound as you sing Om. Visualize the color red and hold the intention of clear, honest, and compassionate communication.

Now draw the awareness to the heart center. Visualize a clear blue light emerging from your heart-mind. Send out loving kindness to all sentient beings, including yourself, as you chant Hung and connect with the air element.

Again, move your awareness further down to the solar plexus, the third chakra point which is just above the naval. Visualize red again, chanting Ram. Connect with the fire element and your personal power and strength

Finally, bring the attention to the “secret chakra,” the space between your first and second energy centers. The first chakra is at the base of the spine while the second resides in the pelvic bowl around the sexual organs. Focusing in between these two areas and connecting with the earth and water elements, chant Dzaaaah. from:

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